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“Pats” Picture Reprint



Pats Picture Reprint:

We are printing “Pats” picture again because we want to call all the attention to it, as many have said they watched The Record each week to see if we had heard from him again.

The Grows received another one of those Jap Prison form cards Friday from Bernard.  It had his signature and on the other side said he was in the hospital under treatment and improving.  The idea that he was in the hospital, when the cards received Aug. 13 and Sept. 6 had both said he was under treatment, gave us a good many qualms.  Then Saturday we got another, saying his health was excellent, he was well and not under treatment.  While the cards were received but a day apart, we have a feeling that there might have elapsed several weeks or perhaps a month or two between the writing of them.  We imagine they both came on the exchange ship, the Gripsholm, and may have been written several months ago.  The Gripsholm left New York on its outward trip September 1 and was docked in New York on its return trip December 2.

We prefer to believe the last card.  That he is well and OK.  It seems the more sensible than to carry on the worry any more that one naturally has to.

We are hoping that the ship that met the Gripsholm at some point in Portuguese, East Indies got to the Philippines with the supplies in time for all the guys to get their packages and that it will not be too hard a Christmas, and we are sure that everyone in the United States, who is so safe and secure, is saying a prayer for the boys over there, no matter where the “over there” may be.